‘Learning our ‘Money Type’ has given us a way to understand one another in our relationship, as well as a shared language for us to use when talking about money’ ~ Natalie Fennell

Olivia talks to Natalie – a business owner and virtual assistant – who kindly shared how learning about her and her partner’s ‘Money Type’ deepened their relationship and opened up new and exciting ways to relate to one another. 

Olivia: How did you feel when you and your partner learned your Money Types? 

Natalie: We both felt like it all made immediate sense. I came out as a Magician, and my partner Dean as a Prisoner. We laughed as I’m always being referred to by Dean as a dreamer, as I’m often coming up with ideas about what project to work on next or how I can make more money. Whereas for Dean he’s very much a realist and his dreams are always grounded in reality: so he’s always looking at what is practically possible, especially where money is concerned. 

We knew we were so different in terms of how we see the world, particularly how we see money, and we see this as a positive thing as we both bring our individual strengths. Taking the quiz just made everything click into place. So, for example, in our house, it’s Dean who takes care of all of the finances, such as the mortgage and the bills. He does this in his job too, where he oversees his company’s finances, so him taking care of this at home is a natural extension of his skill with numbers. 

O: What’s your relationship with money? 

N: I’m cautious day-to-day, but when it comes to making a purchase of something I want, I can also be quite frivolous. I like to watch what we are spending and look for ways we can save, but then I won’t think twice about treating myself to an expensive item when the time comes. I’ll happily spend hundreds of pounds on a new coat or bag if it’s good quality, and I’d much prefer to invest in something I am completely in love with rather than buy something I know is either not great quality or that I will want to replace anyway in a few months time. To me, that feels like a worthwhile spending, and I’m prepared to save for more expensive items to get what I really want.  

If money was a person… I would probably say money was male. I see money as quite powerful and that it holds the key to what you need or want in life. I feel like money exists to help you get what you want in life, so it’s almost quite supportive. Definitely something I feel attracted to and that I am happy to go towards. Interestingly, Dean would probably feel very similar even though we have very different Money Types. Money to him doesn’t necessarily buy happiness, but it does buy freedom and choice in many situations. 

O: How does your Money Type show up in your relationship? 

N: I’m pretty good with numbers and figures, but as I’ve mentioned, because of Dean’s job, he’s tended to gran this and manage it all really well. This suits me as he always consults me; for example, if our mortgage is up for renewal, he’ll do all of the research, and then we’ll look at the numbers and make the final decision together. I completely trust him, so I’m almost always happy to follow his suggestions. 

Dean sees that due to the cost of living, it’s becoming harder for families to live the kind of lifestyle available to our parent’s generation, where one of the partners could stay at home with the children. I think this frustrates him as he sees this as a removal of choice, and I know this links with his deep family values.

I do have a really strong, burning desire to make money, and Dean definitely supports me in this. His support has meant I’ve been able to explore various ways of making money, which more recently has led me to set up as a virtual assistant, where I get to support loads of amazing clients.

O: What are the benefits of your different Money Types in your relationship? 

N: So many benefits! If we were the same, there would be so many things that would get overlooked. We have diverse strengths, which makes us an even stronger team, and it’s why we work so well together. Dean can spot potential pitfalls in a situation or decision that I don’t, and this helps me to see the bigger picture of any decisions we make. It’s like living with a good accountant who can show me the reality of my dreams. 

I feel like I bring ideas and inspiration into the relationship, and I can inspire Dean and get him excited about things he would never dream of. 

Learning our ‘Money Type’ has given us a way to understand one another in our relationship and a shared language for us to use when talking about money.

O: What are the challenges?

N: We definitely notice how our different Money Types can cause challenges at times. In particular, when I’m excited by an idea, Dean can quickly jump in with what’s realistic and I can sometimes perceive this as him being negative or quashing my ideas. Sometimes I just want to put ideas out there and enjoy discussing them whereas Dean will only want to talk about what’s possible. I ask him why he can’t dream with me and he says he is only trying to help by sharing what’s doable. 

Dean prefers to look at what’s achievable and so I think he finds my big dreams a little frustrating or unobtainable. He believes that you can’t be disappointed if you don’t aim too high. When I hear this, I feel like I actively want to encourage Dean to aim higher and think outside of what he limits himself with, as I know he is capable of so much. 

But, now that we know this about one another, we can communicate in ways that help settle his Prisoner while giving my Magician some air time.

O: Would you recommend the Money Types quiz to other couples?

N: Yes, definitely, without hesitation, I’d recommend it to literally anyone, if they are in a relationship or not. It can bring such a sense of understanding, and it’s spooky how accurate the Money Types actually are! You can get a sense of the other person and how they work, what’s important to them and also learn the same about yourself. I’m so glad we took the quiz!

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