“You know, this deliberately isn’t a widely promoted site – and if you’ve found your way here, nine times out of ten, it’ll be because someone personally signposted you…”

Hi There

This isn’t for everyone.

It might not even be for you.

But if someone has pointed you in this direction – well, it may just be what you’ve been looking for, what you’ve been waiting for…

It all started with a few close friends…

Juicy, hard-working people – they’ve all got a big heart and an even bigger sense of wanting to make a difference in the world.

Not just for themselves, but also for their loved ones, their communities, humanity and the planet.

Usually running their own show, they’ve often gone on to build a cool reputation for themselves in their profession or industry.

People love them.

Many look up to them.

But they’re real people. They’ve gone through their own difficulties in life and have often overcome a myriad of hardships – from divorces and failed businesses through to mourning the loss of those closest to them.

Somehow they’ve not only survived but shone their light even brighter as they worked through it all.

But there’s one domain they’ve yet to master…

Their relationship with Money.

Sound familiar?

My story too, has had its shares of ups and downs – and to be honest, I only just managed to avoid bankruptcy by the skin of my teeth in the financial crash of 2008.

Oh the shame.

Oh the self-blame.

You can probably relate to those kinds of feelings at some point in your own past too, right?

And you know, what really saddens me is that our poor relationship with money, isn’t in truth, our fault.

Historically, the financial services industry has been primarily set up for those traditional people who have steady jobs – which means that they’re able to use time to build up longer term wealth. Incremental saving over a number of decades means that compound interest can work its magic.

To quote Albert Einstein, “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it”.

But what if you are not one of the typical people for whom the system was set up?

What if you can’t travel back in time to do things differently?

What then?

Just a quick aside, the fact that you’re reading this means that you’ve probably been sent here by someone who knows me or who has worked with me as this is not a site that I am publicly promoting in any meaningful way…

…and it’s also likely that on my ‘Money Types’ emotional profiling system, you’ll have high ‘Magician’, ‘Angel’ and ‘Joker’ scores – or as I like to call it, a ‘MAJ” score.

LOL, it amuses me that MAJ is short for ‘Majesty’ – and that what we’re seeking is financial sovereignty!

(If you want to find out your ‘Money Types’ scores – you can do so here. I also really recommend that you sign up for the special report that I’ve carefully put together for people like us. I think you’ll find it intriguing. And illuminating!).

Given your natural business acumen as a ‘MAJ’, you’re not likely to get much out of ‘money coaching’

What you really need is something deeper, something that will give you both a sense of direction AND will serve as a guide to ensure you get to live out your dreams and fulfil your purpose.

Indeed, what you actually need is a money map, that combines both the heart and science of wealth.

Wealth is of course, about far more than how much money you’ve got. It’s about freedom.

It’s about choice.

It’s about personal power.

Like I said before, it’s about financial sovereignty.

This time to share a little about me – I started out in life as a journalist and soon discovered the power of asking great questions. I took this gift (some might call it ‘an annoying gift’) with me into my next career as an executive coach, leadership trainer and speaker – and then found myself being taken back to my writing days after being invited to pen my first book, “Be Your Own Guru – personal and business enlightenment in just 3 days!” by a well known international publishing house.

Often what we do in life makes more sense when we have the gift of hindsight – and I can now see that a ‘financial thread’ has been weaving its way through my time on the planet. Not only have I worked with numerous business-owning individuals in my private practice but as an executive coach, I’ve also worked with a number of senior players within some big name organisations within the financial sector.
LOL, I was great at helping all my clients get to where they wanted to be in life – including when it came to improving their relationship with money but somehow for me, money remained my Achilles Heel.

Coincidence or serendipity?

You couldn’t make it up – the man I was to meet who was later to become my husband?

He’s a certified financial planner!

I get the cosmic joke 🙂

And more importantly, I also really get that it was the Universe stepping in to set me on my real life path. Not only did I need to heal and then forge my own relationship with Money – but also my ‘mission’ has been for me to find, indeed to create, a way to help others who inadvertently find themselves in a similar situation.

I’ve long had the feeling that I’m not here to change the world – but that I AM here to work with those who are…

One of the final pieces of the puzzle fell into place just over ten years ago, when I had an intuitive ‘nudge’ to develop the ‘Money Types’ emotional profiling system. Money is not only a mirror that reflects back to us our deepest hopes, fears and beliefs but I’ve come to see that just maybe, it’s one of our most powerful teachers – hidden in plain sight.

Anyway, back to answering the question about what happens for those of us who don’t fit the ‘traditional template’ of stacking money away for decades, what about us?

What’s the solution we’ve been secretly hoping for?

While a surprise lottery win might feel like the answer, the odds are heavily stacked against us – so taking matters into our own hands feels like a much better plan.

To that end, I’ve come to realise that what we want, what we truly need isn’t just a kind of general money map created to appeal to our way of showing up in the world.

No, what will ultimately make the real difference is for us to have our very own personalised ‘Financial Freedom Map’.

If having a tailored and bespoke ‘Financial Freedom Map’ that suits your particular circumstances appeals to you, then you’ll love my invitation – which is to come and spend a day with me and together, we’ll design and build the best future we can for you. (…and don’t worry, I’ll make sure we have a nice lunch and that there’s plenty of good chocolate on hand too!).

And there’s more. A whole lot more…

While I know that you’d probably get a lot from working with just me on the ‘heart’ of wealth – I also know that we’ll be needing the ‘science’ element too – which is why I’ll be inviting my husband Simon to join us so that we can benefit from and apply all the knowledge and experience that he’s gained as a certified financial planner over more than 15 years.

(LOL, Simon is very definitely ‘one of us’ in that he too highly values freedom – maybe that’s why he also became a mountain leader who loves maps. He really enjoys explaining things in a way that makes it not only ‘easy to hear’ but fun too!)

Happily, we’ll also be able to tap into tried-and-tested sophisticated cashflow forecasting software and together, we’ll work with you to design and build a viable plan that will make you happy – not least because it’ll draw on your innate MAJ qualities and it’ll give you a sense of security and control.

But perhaps most important of all, it’ll give you a deep sense of freedom – enabling you to make the most of life and fulfil your purpose 🙂

“The Simon and Olivia ‘combo’ is incredibly powerful. They bring so much – both individually and together. I came away from our session with hope, choice, peace of mind, and a clear understanding of my financial situation and a plan. Everything was explained clearly – and patiently. Nothing was too much trouble and there was no judgement. And they suggested options I’ve never considered before which opened up exciting possibilities. They believed in me – when everybody else said what I was trying to do was impossible. The happy outcome? I managed to buy the property in Cornwall and I’m really excited about the whole new business adventure that’s now opening up. If you’re looking for help to achieve not just financial – but LIFE goals – you need Olivia and Simon!”


Sarah Rugg, Chief Efficiency Officer, Vi-Va Ltd, Cheshire

What I’ve come to discover is that when there’s BIG change on the horizon, that’s the time to really take action…

…whether it’s divorce, an inheritance or just the sudden realisation that you don’t have time to swell the coffers for the rest of your life in the traditional way, then more than anything, you really do need to start thinking about how you can get all your financial ducks in a row.

Obviously, confidentiality prevents me from sharing any personal details of the people the lovely Simon and I have already worked with…

But what I can say is that as well as helping individuals work out what their businesses need to achieve in order to get them the lifestyle they want, we’ve also helped people make the right decisions!

Perhaps most dramatically, we’ve also helped people avoid making the wrong decision…one particular case comes to mind where choosing a different path will save one client £430,000 over the next fourteen years!

Sometimes it’s not what you know that can trap you, it’s what you don’t know that’s the real snare for the unwary.

If you’re ready to work with us to design and build your own ‘Financial Freedom Map’, contact me here and let’s have a chat to see if there really is a ‘fit’.

Why have I chosen to work alongside Olivia?

“Well, I’ve seen her work her magic many times, whether that’s during one-to-one coaching or in front of audiences and I endorse every word of what she’s saying here…

Olivia sometimes uses Money like a ‘shamanic rattle’ – inviting people on the journey from the head to the heart, where the soul awaits with open arms.

I’ve seen her personify Money on stage. I saw how – in minutes – a ‘conversation with Money’ healed an audience member’s emotional relationship with her mother, who wasn’t even there, releasing years of pain. People were stunned, mouths wide open. I heard two guys in the row behind me gasp, “Wow!”

The work she does is transformational. In the moment and fast.

Here’s the other reason…

In Olivia’s ‘Money Types’ speak, the language currently used by the financial sector is very high ‘Architect’, sometimes ‘Pharaoh’ …and the status quo serves them very nicely. However, the sector fails to use the language of the ‘Magician’, ‘Angel’, or ‘Joker’ – which means that ‘financial-speak’ doesn’t often make sense if you’re a ‘MAJ’.

The sad fact is that the very people excluded by the current language of money are often those on the creative side of life, with the vision to see how things could be better if we lived from the heart. The leaders of the future. The change makers. The Heart Leaders. Maybe you’re one of them.

Simon Yates CFP™ Chartered FCSI (Financial Planning) DipPFS
Managing Director, Enlightened Money

Of course, you know better than anyone exactly what it is you most need right now – and if you fancy a coffee and a chat about which direction you want to go in next, drop me a line and let’s have a Zoom chat (and remember to bring your own coffee!)

Looking forward to hearing from you…

With love,

Olivia Stefanino

Unconventional Wisdom | Proven Results

PS If you’re not ready for your personalised ‘Financial Freedom Map’ yet, remember that you can still get a whole lot of very valuable information by understanding your ‘Money Types’ profile and downloading my special report…go here to get started!

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