While testimonials should always be accredited, somehow, when it comes to people responding to the daily ‘Messages from Money’, it feels right to keep them anonymous… If a particular ‘Message from Money’ speaks to you, please do share by leaving a comment below…

I know we’ll all learn a lot from your experience too. Here, I’d love to know how your soul likes to be fed in your downtime…

Olivia x


Today’s Message from Money – ‘How does your soul want to spend the weekend?’ – came on a Friday morning just before the weekend.

A few of my friends and work colleagues had been asking, ‘what are you going to be doing at the weekend’ and the truth was I had nothing planned that could easily answer this question in a way that was easily explainable to others.

I wasn’t meeting friends for dinner, going shopping or watching a film at the cinema. Instead, I was planning a weekend of slowing down and reading, immersing myself in beauty, dreaming about some future plans and energetically clearing my home to make space for those things.

It felt to me like a weekend of feeding my soul. Still, it’ wasn’t easily summed up in an activity or event to fill the hours within a socially acceptable ‘exciting’ way… more a way of being or letting the magic and mystery of life take over.

And this is so crucial for me, because I’ve found the soul doesn’t really speak to us in literal ways, more through dreams and metaphors and symbols… and that can’t happen if we’re always full and busy. 


  • Ann Lowe

    Ann is a freelance writer supporting people and businesses with engaging copy, content and PR. She has ghostwritten ten books for authors in the spirituality, food and wellbeing field.