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Particularly useful if you’re looking to grow your business, progress your career…or unlock any negative patterns that are holding you back in life.



Particularly useful if you’re looking to grow your business, progress your career…or unlock any negative patterns that are holding you back in life.

Before our session, I’ll invite you to complete my ‘Money Types’ emotional profiling questionnaire – which will enable me to identify your particular personal combination of Pharaoh, Magician, Joker, Angel, Architect and Prisoner. Armed with this knowledge, I’ll then help you uncover your unique strengths, gifts and talents – and together we’ll work out how you can best apply this knowledge to your current situation. Equally importantly, I’ll also show you how your shadow side is likely to be playing out – and together we’ll create a strategy to stop past patterns and behaviours from negatively affecting your future.

I’ve successfully used the ‘Money Types’ coaching process with numerous people – even from different cultures and countries – and they’ve all reported afterwards that they’re having a greater understanding of how to create success for themselves, based on their specific gifts and talents.


Olivia has heart and soul which is filled with inspiration, emotional intelligence and compassion – all bound with a wonderful sense of humour which she uses to guide you through virtually anything. Our session was my ‘Hour of Power’. Olivia gave me tools so I am no longer a people pleaser. Going through the session has helped me rediscover what makes me happy, so I can live a simpler, more meaningful prosperous life. I believe everyone should have a ‘Money Types Coaching Session’ . I feel a lot more in control of my own destiny and inflows of money.
Lynn Pates, Charities Investment Consultant, LKP Consultants, Liverpool.



  1. Autisticwhisperer

    The questionnaire was easy to follow, and my intuition happily ticked the boxes. The shamed child felt nervous, and asked Olivia many questions as she feared criticism. Her fears were unfounded as Olivia handled each hurdle with tenderness and real listening. At the beginning of the session I felt shame for my debt status, from my love of fine things, and my love of learning. Actually maybe addiction in both cases. Olivia helped me reframe the same issue into an entrepreneurial investment in myself. A circle of companionship was forged, as we both recognised the self in the other; albeit with different manifestations. Now I feel lighter with dark shadowy moments, however I never feel like I did in the dungeon, caged where small glimmers of light glowed and disappeared as if they had never been there. Now I draw light to replenish me from external sources and know my own light can never be extinguished although I know it feels that way on days like today. The blood of my clan people, those that see me, hear me and sense me, will bring me into balance, so a longer term goal can be reached so that I don’t swing from moments of over-abundance to depletion. Olivia says it in her own way, many times, that money can teach us what we need to know. And with her sensitive choice of words Olivia makes you feel safe enough to believe it .

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