While testimonials should always be accredited, somehow, when it comes to people responding to the daily ‘Messages from Money’, it feels right to keep them anonymous… If a particular ‘Message from Money’ speaks to you, please do share by leaving a comment below…

I know we’ll all learn a lot from your experience too.

Olivia x


Olivia’s Message from Money which arrived with me today, was a much-needed, timely reminder to look at the world through different lenses, not only my own perspective.

It simply said: “Where could a change of perspective help today?”

…And immediately, I was brought back to a recent situation with a family member where we both felt wronged, and also both felt in the right!

How often do we do this and get completely entrenched in our own perspectives?

Just that morning, I had driven to a client meeting with the details of my family drama still whirling around my mind, justifying my position and trying to convince myself I was right. I arrived for my meeting a little early, opened my laptop and saw Olivia’s message there waiting for me. It’s as though it had been written with me specifically in mind, given how relevant to what it was I was grappling with.

What WAS the change of perspective I needed?

Reading the words, I immediately felt myself begin to soften and melt as I remembered the humanity and the vulnerability we were all bringing to the table.

We all know that we need to step into another’s shoes to see the world from other people’s perspectives from time to time, but how easily can we forget when we are in the heat of the fire? 

And understandably… you may be wondering, ‘how does this all relate to money’?

Well, up until that point in the day (admittedly, it was only 7am!) I had been thinking of only myself. But once I softened and let another worldview in, I was freed up for the day.

My mind and heart were open for the day ahead of me, and I could show up for my client for a full 3-hour session, which was productive, creative and energised.

I’m not sure this would have been quite the same experience if it wasn’t for that gentle early morning nudge from Money”. 


  • Ann Lowe

    Ann is a freelance writer supporting people and businesses with engaging copy, content and PR. She has ghostwritten ten books for authors in the spirituality, food and wellbeing field.