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Keeping my Magcian on Track to See Things Through! Advice please?

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Being high Magician, I have found over and over that my rampant and impossible-to-ignore creative drive and passion is, without fail, tempered by my inability to see creative projects through!

It's like I'm fed by the creative process itself, and onc e the creationn is 'done' (or sometimes even before that), the urge tails off, and it gets shelved for new shiny creative ideas...

But I have a vision for something - my new kids book series specifically - which I really REALLy want to see through to fruition, and beyond. I envision a whole brand with books, games, toys, an interactive website and more. The vision excites me - but I think it scares me more. SO much so that I ahve barely actually started - because I think I am scared of failing. Or not so much failing, but more, not seeing it through, and adding it to my long list of shelved projects.

Does anyone have any advice please on how I can see this through to birth and nurture it lovingly into a fully grown 'thing', without running for the hills when it gets to the hard bit? In my mind 'hard' is anything to do with sales, publicity, marketing, paperwork, organisation, etc...

Any tips gratefully received.

Yours hopefully!

Lynda 🌺 

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Ooooooh, it’s such fun being high ’Magician’ isn’t it? 

…Until you have to get things over the line!

I hear you.

As well as having others around you to help you, to keep you accountable and to be positive cheerleaders, I also find it helpful to imagine the FINISHED product in the actual HANDS of my intended audience…

Or in other words, my visualisation isn’t complete until the the product is done…

I guess the trick then is to visualise how that product (or service) got into the hands of ‘that person’ in your audience…what did you do in terms of marketing, sales, networking etc to get it there?

And then think about ‘who could help you’?

Know also that the sales and marketing aspect is definitely a job for your ‘Joker’ - after all, it’s the one that connects people with ideas and people with people.  And hey, everyone loves to hang around a ‘Joker’ because it’s always a fun experience.

Maybe it’s time to get your ‘Architect’ on the case too - to PLAN the sales and marketing for the new product your ‘Magician’ is so excited about BEFORE the next new shiny thing comes along.

So, in the heat of the excitement, plan not just the creativity, but first plan the promotion of the creativity…

Your ‘Pharaoh’ leads the way and ensures that the project is worth seeing through to completion and takes on the leadership and galvanising role - and encourages each of the other ‘Money Types’ to step up. 

Your ‘Prisoner’ is only stepping up now, to remind you of what hasn’t worked in the past, so that you can create and plan for a better way next time…

Alternatively, find yourself a fab Joker and offer to split the profits 50:50 with them (and then you both get to do what you love best!).

Keep us posted with your progress with the children’s books - we’re all cheering you on from the sidelines ❤️xx